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Lord Shiv Parivar Marble Idol

Lord Shiv Parivar Marble Idol by The Razzle Box

Worshipped as the third god in the Hindu triumvirate. The triumvirate consists of three gods who are responsible for the creation, upkeep, and destruction of the world. Shiv is seen as the source of both good and evil and is regarded as the one who combines many contradictory elements.

Considering such popularity of Lord Shiv as a deity in Hinduism, The Razzle Box brings to you the marble Lord Shiv Parivar idol in order to facilitate your search for the best idol or murti.

Crafted by traditional artisans, the given look of the Lord Shiv Parivar marble idol has been carved using age-old techniques and painted using durable as well as long-lasting colours to guarantee a long life.